4 Tips to Help Prevent Collisions With On-road Debris

Pay close attention to roads the next time you head out for work, an errand or another reason.  If you look close enough while driving at a moderate or low speed, you will likely spot a considerable amount of debris on and near driving lanes.  This debris can cause significant vehicle damage if it ends up in the path of traffic.  You have the power to avoid the majority of such debris with careful driving.  Here’s how to do it.

1. Don’t Tailgate!

Think back to the last time someone tailgated you.  You were likely stressed and worried about an accident.  You have the power to prevent causing similar stress to others by maintaining several car lengths between your vehicle and the one ahead of you.  Keep in mind, drivers ahead of you might quickly brake to avoid a wayward animal or debris in the lane ahead. 

Maintain a safe driving distance of at least three vehicles between your car and the one ahead of you and you will have done your part to prevent an accident stemming from tailgating.  If you were to tailgate the vehicle ahead of you, there is a chance you would slam into it or the debris ahead.  Leave ample space and you will have that much more time to react.

2. Avoid Making Sharp Turns

Sharp turning might seem like the best way to avoid debris yet this approach has the potential to backfire.  If you were to sharply turn your vehicle to avoid hitting debris, there is a chance you would lose control and slam into another vehicle, a tree or a light pole.  Drive cautiously, resist the temptation to turn overly sharply when confronted with debris and you just might escape vehicle damage.

3. Gently Brake

Your first thought upon seeing debris on the road ahead is likely to slam on the brakes so you can slow down and veer to the side or change lanes.  However, changing lanes to avoid road debris is a mistake that can lead to even costlier damage.  If the driver behind you does not have enough time to reach a full stop after you slam on your brakes, you will be rear-ended, possibly causing more damage and a larger car repair bill than would have occurred had you hit the debris.

4. Remain Hyper-Alert When Behind the Wheel

Driving is probably the most significant risk you take on a daily basis.  Do not get behind the wheel if you are sleep-deprived or inebriated.  If necessary, down a cup of coffee so you are alert while driving.  Heightened awareness significantly decreases the chances of a collision with on-road debris.  So don’t fall into the trap of attempting to multi-task while behind the wheel.  Though driving can be a bit boring, your entire focus should be on the road at all times.

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