5 Elements that Pose a Danger to your Car Paint

Your car is under attack! At least, its paint job is. You’re surrounded by elements that can do damage to your car’s paint. However, they are fairly easy to combat if you know what to do. Here are 5 elements that pose a danger to your car’s paint.

1. The Sun

There’s a reason people selling used cars boast about the ones that are garage-kept. Your car’s paint takes a beating just sitting in the driveway. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays will fade paint over time. And extended periods of high temperatures will further degrade your car’s paint job.

Keep your vehicle in a garage or carport whenever possible. This includes home and work. If you have the choice between surface-level and garage parking, choose the garage.

2. Hail

Hail is an obvious culprit, too. Not only can hail damage your car’s paint finish, but severe hailstorms can also dent metal surfaces and damage other materials on your vehicle. If hail is expected in your area, keep your vehicle in the garage if possible. If you have no shelter available for your car or truck, you can try to get creative. We’ve seen people use foam, air mattresses, or even pool floats to soften the blow.

3. Tree Sap

Tree sap is a big offender in the springtime for those who park under trees. You may even be careful about this at home and still get sap-bombed when parked around town. Tree sap is a sticky mess when it’s fresh, but it’s a nightmare once the sun dries it onto your vehicle’s paint.

There’s no 100% foolproof way to remove dried-on sap. We recommend spraying rubbing alcohol and then wiping the sap down with a microfiber cloth. The earlier you can do this, the better your chance of success.

One word of warning: don’t force sap off. If you apply too much pressure, you may succeed in removing the sap. You’ll just take a section of your car’s paint with it.

4. Bird Poop

Bird poop is unsightly and unpleasant, of course, but it seems like just a nuisance. Don’t fall into this trap! Bird poop contains partly digested seeds and berries, which can be highly acidic. Also, as a natural waste product, it contains uric acid, which can further damage your car’s paint.

The good news is bird poop is easy to clean. Just wipe it up with a damp cloth as soon as you notice it. If you don’t leave it on your vehicle for a while, it’s unlikely to cause damage.

5. Bug Guts

Bug guts are another potential source of damage. Certain months of the year are what we call “bug season.” You’ll have a hard time taking a road trip without plastering your grille and windshield with bug guts. The problem here again is the acid content of those bugs. Acidic residues can eat through your paint’s finish if not dealt with promptly. Soak and scrub off those bug guts as soon as you can.

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