5 Problems Caused by Rear-end Collisions

If your vehicle is involved in a rear-end collision or even a minor fender bender, you might be tempted to overlook the minimal damage and continue driving.  However, even a seemingly harmless rear-end collision has the potential to cause significant problems down the road.  Let’s take a quick look at the top issues caused by rear-end collisions.

Rear-end Collisions can Compromise the Transmission

The engine transmission absorbs the impact of the collision, putting unnecessary pressure on its internal parts.  Rear-wheel drive automobiles are dependent on the transmission to operate as designed in order to power the vehicle.  If the rear-end collision compromises the transmission, the problem might not be immediately noticeable.  However, the transmission’s internal issues will eventually manifest, necessitating a potentially costly repair.

Alignment Problems

Rear-end collisions have the potential to cause considerable alignment problems.  However, it will be difficult to observe alignment issues with the naked eye.  Rather, you will eventually feel the vehicle veering to the left or the right while driving.  Alignment problems must be addressed in a timely manner to ensure you can steer properly, remain in your lane and guarantee even tire tread wear.

Rear-end Collisions can Negatively Impact the Braking System

A rear-end collision is likely to cause you to slam the brakes in an attempt to slow the vehicle.  This additional pressure to the brakes has the potential to wear down the brake pads, discs and rotors.  Furthermore, slamming the brakes can wear down the tire tread to boot.  It is quite possible a rear-end collision will compromise your tires’ ability to properly grip the road and come to a complete stop in a timely manner.  In fact, there is even the possibility that the vehicle will end up with a brake fluid leak that you might not notice for weeks or even months to come.

Frame and Internal Issues

Though the exterior of the back part of your vehicle might have minimal damage, there is the potential for considerable internal damage stemming from the rear-end collision.  Furthermore, the frame of the vehicle might be compromised.  If the frame is compromised, the rest of the vehicle’s systems might be at risk.  This is precisely why your vehicle should be closely examined at a certified auto body shop after a rear-end collision.

Rear-end Collisions are a Direct Threat to Your Well-being

Rear-end collisions have the potential to cause significant physical injury to you as well as others in your vehicle.  The impact of the collision is likely to thrust you and other vehicle occupants back and forth in quite the violent manner, possibly causing whiplash or another problem.  If you are involved in a rear-end collision, be sure to obtain medical assistance as soon as possible.  Though you can always replace a damaged vehicle, it might not be possible to fully recuperate from a physical injury.  So be sure to reach out to the emergency medical care providers as soon as possible for a health evaluation, medical treatment and a plan of action to help you rebuild your health moving forward.

Certified Collision Center Auto Body is at Your Service

If you are involved in a rear-end collision or any other collision, do not assume your vehicle can be driven without a problem.  It is better to be safe than sorry by nipping potential problems in the bud in the immediate aftermath of the accident.  Our team is here to help.  Reach out to us today at (209) 836-4893 to schedule an appointment at our collision center. You can also reach out to us through our convenient online contact form.

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