5 Reasons Why Your Car Paint is Peeling

The appearance of your car’s body is one major factor that affects its overall value, so if the paint is chipping, peeling, or otherwise not looking good, it can be a major concern. As obvious as a problem like peeling paint may be, it is a problem that sometimes leaves an owner scratching their head, wondering how in the world this problem started. Take a look at some of the usual culprits that are to blame for peeling paint on the exterior of a vehicle.

1. Environmental Factors Could Be at Play

There are a lot of things in the environment that can cause problems with your car paint. From rain and snow to road dust and wind, things that can damage your car’s paint are lurking everywhere. Parking under a tree where leaves and berries will fall onto it, your car being exposed to bird droppings, and even something as simple as a splattered bug can cause problems.

2. You Could Be Cleaning Your Car with the Wrong Stuff

Everything that you find in the store that can be used to clean your car’s exterior is not always the safest bed. A lot of low-quality car wash supplies have chemicals in them that are capable of breaking down a car’s paint over time. Therefore, even if you think you are doing something good by washing your vehicle, you could be damaging the paint by using the wrong product. Stick with higher quality car soaps and detergents that are safe enough to use.

3. Fluctuations in the Temperature Could Be to Blame

Car paint expands with higher temperatures, but it also contracts in colder temperatures. If you spend a lot of time traveling between the variant temperatures, it could very well have an effect on your paint job. Over time, the expansion and contraction of the painted layers can cause it to start peeling or cracking.

4. The Paint Itself Can Be Less Resilient

Paints that are used on some vehicles are not as resilient as they could be. A lot of auto manufacturers have been forced to switch over to more eco-friendly paint product choices, which is good for the environment. On the downside, however, some of these paints break down faster than other types.

5. Recent Trauma Can Cause Car Paint Problems

If you have had an accident in recent months and maybe even had some auto body repair, paint problems can show up later on. This is especially the case if you had a dent that was pulled out during repairs. When a painted surface is moved and manipulated, it can compromise the quality of the paint itself even if the underlying surface is back as good as new.

Takeaways: Protecting your Car’s Paint

  • Park your car in a protected place, whether it is in a garage or under a carport, as much as possible
  • Avoid parking under trees
  • Clean your car regularly with a good quality detergent
  • Be careful who you trust for auto body repairs
  • Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight
  • Use a UV-protectant wax product on your car’s exterior
  • Protecting the value of your car is all about protecting its outer appearance. If you see problems with your car’s paint, whether it is fading, chipping, peeling, or otherwise, reach out to a professional for advice.

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