5 Tips to Protect Your car from Parking Lot Accidents

Prevention is the best cure for almost every accident under the sun. The same holds true for automobile accidents. Especially those that take place in parking lots. One of the problems with these particular low-speed collisions and accidents is that they are often costly to repair, but not costly enough to make an insurance claim once you consider the increased future premiums and the costs of your deductibles.

While you cannot possibly prevent all parking lot accidents from taking place, there are things you can do that will reduce your risks of being involved in a parking lot accidents. These are five simple tips you can put into practice to protect your car from the damage parking lot accidents cause.

1. Avoid Distractions While Driving in Parking Lots

According to the National Safety Council, nearly 66 percent of nationwide drivers admit they would make phone calls while driving in parking lots. Many others also use this time to program their GPS systems, send out quick text messages, engage social media, watch videos, and read emails. Distracted activities like these greatly diminish your ability to respond and avoid accidents in parking lots causing more accidents in the process.

2. Utilize Technology Judiciously

Newer vehicles are equipped with mountains of technology to help you drive safer. Even in parking lots. Things like cross-traffic alerts, rear view cameras, autonomous braking, and parking assist systems can be instrumental in helping you avoid potential accidents in parking lots.

3. Be Mindful of Stray Carts

Not only can carts blowing in the wind cause accidents as drivers seek to avoid hitting them. They can also cause damage to parked cars in the lot. If you see one near your vehicle on your way in the store, grab it up and use that cart or return it to the cart return. Always return your cart to the return to spare others the hassle and headache of cart-related parking lot accidents.

4. Avoid Aggressive Parking Lot Driving

There are pedestrians, children, stay carts, and other drivers in confined spaces in parking lots. Drive courteously and try to let the bad behavior of other drivers go to create a safer atmosphere for all drivers and protect the investment you’ve made in your vehicle.

5. Park so You Can Pull Through When Possible

The ability to pull through so that you’re not forced to back out of a parking spot when leaving the store, mall, restaurant, event, etc. can help you avoid unnecessary accidents related to rearview blind spots. For the average driver, even assisted by technology and thoughtful watchfulness, backing out in a crowded parking lot is a terrifying prospect. Parking so that you pull forward when leaving, helps to eliminate the drama of leaving and may help you reduce your risks of an accident at the same time.

You don’t have to change the way you drive completely to avoid preventable parking lot accidents. Of course, the most important thing you can do to avoid collisions in parking lots is to be mindful of what’s going on around you and drive defensively at all times.

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