8 Steps to Take After a Major Collision

A major collision has the potential to cause significant damage to your vehicle and upend your life.  Our autobody repair shop is here to help during this difficult chapter of your life.  Here’s a quick at what to do in the aftermath of a major collision.

Reach out for Medical Assistance

The most important thing you can do after a car collision is obtain medical assistance.  Contact emergency medical personnel by dialing 911.  Once you receive medical attention, you’ll be able to shift your focus to filing an insurance claim, getting your car repaired and potentially pursuing legal action against the negligent driver.

Get a Police Report

Reach out to the police after the accident and they will write up a formal report.  This report details the accident in its entirety including the vehicles involved, the intersection, the damage caused, and potential legal liability as determined by negligent acts.  Negligence is a legal term that means the failure of one driver or other party to provide due care for others in his or her vicinity.

Take Down Information From Witnesses

If anyone witnessed the accident, flag them down and write down their names and contact information.  These individuals might be willing to provide eyewitness testimony in a court of law in the event that you file a personal injury lawsuit. 

Document the Accident

If you have your smartphone or digital camera on you, use it to take pictures of the accident scene.  Take pictures of your damaged vehicle, other damaged vehicles, the intersection where the accident occurred, and any other contributing factors such as concealed street signs or faulty street lights.

Interact With the Other Parties

It is in your interest to write down the names, license plate numbers, and auto insurance information of other parties involved in the accident.  However, you should not state you are sorry for the accident or admit fault in any other way.  If you were to apologize, your words could be used be against you in a court of law or by the auto insurance company.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you were not at fault for the accident or if you were only partially at fault, it is in your interest to retain a personal injury attorney.  Your attorney will review the facts of your case and determine if there is solid legal footing for a personal injury lawsuit.  Your attorney will also handle interactions with the insurance company including reviewing settlement offers.

Get Your Vehicle Repaired Right Away

Though you’ll undoubtedly be traumatized by the accident, it is in your interest to get back on the road as quickly as possible.  Lean on our autobody repair team to repair your damaged vehicle and you’ll return to the road that much faster.  We perform both cosmetic and structural repairs for all types of vehicles involved in accidents.

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If you are involved in a major collision or a fender-bender, lean on our autobody repair specialists for assistance.  Our autobody repair shop will help you get your car back to normal and expedite your return to the road.  Contact us today at (209) 836-4893 to schedule an appointment.

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