An Inside Look at How Rain and Snow Compromise the Body of Your Vehicle

Did you know rain, snow, hail and even salt from the road can compromise your vehicle’s body including its underbody? There is a common misconception that a collision is the sole cause of such damage. However, the little-known truth is inclement weather has the potential to damage your vehicle’s body in several different ways. Our autobody repair shop is here to repair your vehicle’s body, returning it to its usual form for optimal aesthetic beauty, protection and functionality.

The Problem of Moisture

A little bit of moisture now and then is not a big deal in the context of your automobile’s body. However, if your vehicle is exposed to excessive moisture, it has the potential to prove problematic. An abundance of moisture will eventually compromise your vehicle’s metal. Though few know it, moisture from rain, snow, sleet and hail has the potential to be trapped within the metal of a vehicle, creating rust that gradually eats away at the exterior of the body. The bottom line is rust will gradually form when moisture contacts bare metal. This is precisely why it is prudent to have even subtle paint flaws and scratches tended to by the professionals as soon as they appear. Be proactive with the protection and repair of your vehicle’s body and you will have done your part to prevent the creation of rust. However, if your vehicle is compromised by harsh weather, an accident or anything else, our autobody repair shop is here to repair the damage on your behalf.

Snow That Leads to Road Salt Use is Also a Problem

Drive around northern California, northern Arizona and other areas that receive snow and it is only a matter of time until your vehicle encounters road salt. Though salt is certainly important for boosting on-road traction, it is a threat to the integrity of your vehicle’s body. Salt sticks to the metal components of your vehicle. If salt is allowed to remain in place, it will cause the metal in your vehicle to corrode. In particular, the undercarriage and wheel wells are likely to corrode as a result of contact with road salt.

Beware of Powerful Storms

A violent storm that generates hail is a direct threat to your vehicle. If you are out and about, driving around town amidst a hailstorm as opposed to being nice and cozy at home with your car safely positioned in the garage, your vehicle’s body will be directly in the line of fire. Hail will dent your vehicle’s body, roof, trunk and hood. Our autobody repair shop is here to perform paintless dent removal to rectify the dents resulting from a hailstorm.

Why Rain is Harmful to Your Vehicle’s Body

When rain falls, it collects contaminants and pollutants from the surrounding air. Such rain has been dubbed “acid rain”. Acid rain will seep down into your vehicle’s paint, compromise the aesthetics and possibly even the exterior of your vehicle. The sole means of removing such etching is to buff and polish it with professional buffing pads and a specialized polisher. However, even a brief rainfall has the potential to leave pollutants on your car. Rain will gradually evaporate yet there will still be pollutants on the vehicle that sabotage its finish. The longer such contaminants and pollutants are allowed to remain on your vehicle’s body, the more damage will occur.

Certified Collision Center is at Your Service

If your vehicle has been compromised by the weather or a collision, we are at your service.  Furthermore, if you need glass repair, stereo/alarm installation or any other car-related service, our autobody repair shop is here to help. Reach out to us today to learn more about our collision center and schedule an appointment.

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