Can Upholstery Be Repaired If Mold or Mildew is Growing In Your Car?

When most people think of an automobile accident, they envision dents or dings on the body or bumpers of a vehicle. While this is the most common type of damage to emerge from an accident, an accident can cause damage to your vehicle that allows water to seep in when it is raining. When this occurs, you may smell or find mold or mildew growing on the upholstery of your car. In many cases, mold or mildew can be removed and the damage can be repaired. Here are the steps an autobody shop will take to clean and restore your car if mold or mildew is growing in the car. 

Determine Where the Leak or Water Source is Coming From

Prior to removing mold or mildew, an auto body shop will first have to determine where the water is leaking into your car and seal up or repair that spot. In some cases, you may have a cracked or damage window, while in other cases, a leaky seal may be allowing water in. 

Dehumidify the Vehicle

After determining where the water is coming from and repairing that issue, your vehicle will be dehumidified. Large fans or dehumidifiers will be used to essentially dry out the inside of your car. This helps to remove all of the moisture in your car that allows mold and mildew to form and continue to grow. This process is typically completed in a day, but may take longer if there are large amounts of water present in your car or if it is humid where you live. 

Use Cleaners to Kill the Mold and Mildew

Once the vehicle is cleaned, a professional will use commercial products to clean and kill the mold and mildew that is present. The type of products that are used will vary based on the type and color of upholstery you have. Depending on how long the mold or mildew has sat, stain removers may also need to be used to remove any staining or discoloration the mold has left behind. 

Reupholster the Affected Area

In some cases, cleaning alone will not remove the stains or spots left behind by mold or mildew. If a large portion of your upholstery has been affected and the stain or spots cannot be lifted, the seat or floor may need to be reupholstered. 

If you know or suspect that water may be able to leak into your vehicle after an auto accident, it is important to bring your car to an autobody repair shop as soon as possible. While waiting on insurance to inspect your car or give you the go-ahead to repair the vehicle, an auto body shop can seal up your car and protect it from water damage that may occur. If it is too late and you smell or see mold or mildew, an auto body center can properly clean the upholstery, ensuring you and your family remain safe while operating the vehicle. Here at Certified Collision Center, we can help you repair all of the damage that an accident may have done to your vehicle. Book an appointment with us today at one of our convenient locations across the Central Valley and Northern California region. 

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