Everything You Need to Know About Auto Frame Repairs

Damage to an automobile frame necessitates assistance from an autobody repair shop staffed by experienced collision specialists.  The subtleties of your vehicle’s frame are particularly important.  If your frame is not properly repaired after your collision, you will experience even more problems moving forward.  When in doubt, opt for professional autobody repair at our trusted autobody repair shop.

The Basics of Auto Frame Repair

Though auto frame repair might seem invasive, it is necessary if your vehicle endures considerable damage.  Whether the damage to the frame is the result of a collision or extensive exposure to harsh conditions such as hailstorms or sleet, repair will be necessary to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.  Auto frame repair is necessary for damage that extends beyond the paint.  In short, if we can’t bang out a dent, there is a good chance the frame will have to be addressed. 

If you were to leave your damaged frame in place, it would cause swaying that makes driving unsafe for you as well as everyone in your vehicle and those on the road around you.  Auto swaying can even cause significant transmission problems as well.  Continue driving with sway damage and you will find vibrations worsen, eventually making the driving experience uncomfortable and unsafe.

Automotive Frame Repair is Nothing to Fear

There is a common misconception that auto frame repair is egregiously expensive and involves destructing most of the vehicle.  The techniques used for car frame repair are wide-ranging.  The manner in which the frame is damaged ultimately determines the optimal technique for repair.  Furthermore, the type of damage, be it from hail, a collision or another source, also shapes the resulting repair.  Do not trust anyone but an OEM-certified technician to perform this important repair work.  If necessary, our team will complete several repair steps to return your vehicle’s frame to normal.  However, there is a chance a single procedure will suffice.

Examples of Auto Frame Repairs

Repairing the vehicle’s frame is usually centered on repairing the body of the vehicle.  This work might include welding the frame back into a cohesive unit or replacing one of the quarter panels.  If any of the visible parts of the vehicle are damaged, auto body painting will also be necessary.  Paintless dent repair rectifies minor denting along the exterior when the majority of the damage occurs along the undercarriage. 

Auto Frame Repair Might be Covered by Insurance

Your vehicle’s frame repair might not cost you much at all.  Take a look at your auto insurance coverage and you might find the frame repair cost is covered by the collision or liability coverage.  Though the specific level of such coverage varies from one policyholder to the next, there is a good chance you will only have to pay a small percentage of the total repair cost out of pocket.

Certified Collision Center is on Your Side

We empathize with every driver involved in a collision.  Our team provides expert assistance during such difficult times in the form of our revered professional auto repair service.  If your vehicle is damaged in an accident, be proactive by reaching out to us for assistance.  You can contact our auto body repair team by phone at (209) 836-4893.  You can also reach our collision specialists online through our contact form.

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