Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Glass Pitting

The number one reason why windshields need to be replaced is flying road debris has hit the windshield. But another common reason why windshields need to be replaced is due to auto glass pitting. Unless you have experienced problems before due to glass pitting, you may have no idea what this term means or why you should familiarize yourself with it. Here are a few frequently asked questions about auto glass pitting and the answers. 

What Is Auto Glass Pitting? 

Auto glass pitting is a condition that is caused by tiny particles blasting your windshield over and over, creating tiny pits or indents. Some of the items that can cause pitting include sand, dirt, and road salt. As such, individuals who drive on icy roads that are sanded or salted, those who drive on or near a sandy beach, or those who drive down dirt or gravel roads are more likely to experience auto glass pitting compared to individuals who do not encounter these conditions regularly. 

What Are the Dangers of Auto Glass Pitting? 

Auto glass pitting is problematic because it can be dangerous. When a windshield is pitted, it may be weakened. This decreases the structural integrity of the windshield and may cause it to shatter easier if you are in an accident or debris hits your windshield. Another problem associated with pitting is that the small pits can create distortion or glare. This can make it harder to see the road while you are driving, particularly if you are looking in the direction of the sun. 

Can Auto Glass Pitting Be Repaired? 

If the pits are positioned outside of your visual field on the windshield, they may be able to be polished or buffed out if they are minor. If the pitting is on your entire windshield or affects the visual field on your windshield, the windshield cannot be repaired. In this situation, replacing the windshield is the only option. An auto body technician can inspect your windshield and help you determine if repair or replacement is needed. 

How Do You Know If Your Windshield Has Been Affected By Auto Glass Pitting? 

There are a few different ways that you can tell that your windshield has been affected by pitting. First off, if items appear blurry or distorted out of your windshield, your windshield may be pitted. Secondly, if you notice your windshield wipers are smearing water instead of clearing the water, and you know that the windshield wipers are new and not damaged, your windshield may be pitted. Lastly, if you feel the exterior side of the windshield, you may actually feel the small pits, craters, or indents in your windshield. Your auto glass should feel smooth and your hand should easily glide over the windshield. 

If your windshield is pitted, you will likely need to replace your windshield. While you may not immediately think of bringing your car to an autobody repair shop for glass repairs, autobody repair centers frequently replace auto glass, including windshields. Here at Certified Collision Center, we can quickly replace your windshield. Call us to get an estimate or to schedule an appointment with us. 

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