How Can Leaves Be Damaging to Your Automobile

Autumn is here, and with that, dead leaves begin to fall from the trees. While you may enjoy this happening, your car does not. Leaves can hide potholes in the road, make roadways slick and even cause damage to your automobile. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the types of damage that leaves can do to their car. Here is more information about leaves and your car. 

How Can Leaves Damage Your Automobile? 

Leaves can damage your car in a number of different ways. First, dead leaves can become trapped under your windshield wipers. They can become hard and brittle, and when you turn on your wipers, they can scratch your windshield. Leaves can also get stuck in air intakes, blocking the flow of air or get stuck in your air filter. This can decrease air flow into your car, which can affect your vehicle’s performance. Lastly, leaves that sit on your car can damage the finish or paint on your car. Sap and tannins in the leaves can eat away at the finish and/or dye your car. 

How Can You Protect Your Car Against Leaf Damage? 

There are a number of different steps that you can take to help protect your car against leaf damage. The first step you can take is to park away from trees. The farther you park from trees, the less likely it is that leaves will accumulate on your car. If you cannot park away from trees, consider placing a car cover over your vehicle when it is not in use. This way, the leaves fall on the cover, not your car. Lastly, be sure to remove leaves on your vehicle as quickly as possible. Do not let leaves pile up on your car or sit on your car for days or weeks at a time. 

What Should You Do If Leaves Have Already Damaged Your Car’s Paint? 

If leaves, particularly wet leaves, are left to sit on your vehicle, they can damage the finish on your car or dye your car. You may notice that the area where the leaves were sitting is dull or not as shiny as the rest of your car, which indicates the paint finish is damaged. Or you may see discoloration, indicating the tannins in the leaves dyed your car. There is no way to remove this dye from your car. As such, if the paint or finish is damaged, you will need touch-up painting performed or your entire car will need to be painted, depending on the extent of the damage. 

If leaves have already damaged the paint job on your car, you may want to have your car painted to hide the damage that has been done. An autobody repair shop can paint your car, removing any trace of damage that leaves have done. Here at Certified Collision Center Auto Body, we can help you with all of your major collision repairs and minor cosmetic vehicle repairs. Book your appointment with us today. 

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