How Dents In Your Fenders Can Negatively Affect Your Automobile

There are a lot of misconceptions about fenders on automobiles. Many people think that fender is another word for bumper, but this is not true. While the fenders on your cars connect to the bumpers, they are completely separate pieces. The bumpers on your car cover the front and back of your automobile and are typically made of plastic. Fenders frame and cover the wheel well on your car and are typically made from metal. During an automobile accident, your fenders can become dented. If you do not repair the dents, additional damage may occur. Read on to learn the importance of removing dents from fenders after an automobile accident. 

Dents in Your Fenders Can Negatively Affect Your Alignment and Steering

One of the biggest issues that can occur if you have dents in your fenders is that the dents can negatively affect your alignment and steering. The dents can throw off the cars’ alignment, which can make it harder to steer. Throwing off the alignment can also have a negative impact on your tires. Tires on cars that are not properly aligned wear unevenly and can wear faster. This may mean that you have to replace your tires more frequently than those who have their vehicles properly aligned. 

Dents In Your Fenders Can Weaken the Metal

Another issue associated with dents in your fender is that the metal can be weakened to the dent. This may not sound like a huge deal, but if you are ever involved in another automobile accident, weakened metal becomes extremely dangerous. The metal may not be able to withstand a second automobile accident, which can increase the likelihood of anyone in your vehicle sustaining serious injuries. Dents should be removed and the padding or foam underneath the fender should be replaced to ensure your vehicle is properly cushioned in case of another accident. 

Dents In Your Fenders Can Reduce the Value of Your Automobile 

The final downside to dents in your fenders is that dents can reduce the value of your automobile. If you are planning on selling or trading in your vehicle, you will get less money if there are dents present on the car compared to a vehicle that is free of dents. It may be worth removing the dents to ensure your car looks its best and to help you maximize the amount of money you can get when you sell or trade in your automobile. 

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you will want to bring your car to an autobody repair shop. Here at Certified Collision Center, we can inspect your automobile, help you determine what repairs are needed, work with insurance or you to get the repairs paid for, and get your car looking like it did prior to the accident. Call one of our central valley locations today to schedule an appointment for autobody repair. 

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