How to Prevent Sun Damage to Your Automobile

The summer has arrived, meaning the sun will be shining bright, posing a direct threat to your vehicle’s paint and even its interior.  However, you are not powerless against the sun.  Follow the advice detailed below and you will have done your part to prevent the sun from damaging your vehicle.

Park in a Shaded Space When Possible

It is a mistake to park your vehicle in direct sunlight if a shaded space is available.  If your vehicle remains outside, it will absorb the heat to the point that your vehicle’s interior materials are compromised.  You can protect your vehicle’s leather, plastic and vinyl by parking in a shaded space. 

Shield the Dash With a Sun Panel

Put a sun-protecting shield below your windshield so the sun does not warm the interior of your car and potentially fade interior materials.  It will also help to add sun panels to the side windows and rear windows to reflect the sun’s rays.  An added bonus is the use of these sun panels will keep the interior of your vehicle remain that much cooler.

Crack a Window

You can keep the interior of your vehicle that much cooler by slightly opening one or a couple of windows.  The open window helps to move hot air out of the vehicle while allowing cooler outside air to move in.  You and your family or friends will feel that much more comfortable when you step inside a vehicle that has had air circulating through it as a result of the cracked window.

Add Seat Covers

Though it takes a little bit of time to add seat covers, doing so is well worth the effort.  Seat covers protect both fabric and leather seats, ensuring they are not damaged by the sun and prove that much cooler when you sit down.

Clean the Interior

Few drivers are aware of the fact that dirt and dust on the vehicle’s seats, carpets, trim and dashboard have the potential to be baked directly into the material, causing lasting stains.  Vacuum the interior of your vehicle and wipe the interior with a microfiber cloth along with a detailing product designed for automobiles.

Wash and Wax the Exterior

Use water and gentle soap to wash the exterior of your vehicle.  A thorough washing eliminates the dust, dirt and other materials that have the potential to damage your vehicle’s paint.  Wax will also help lock in the oils of the exterior paint, ultimately serving as a protective barrier against the sun’s rays. 

Check the Tire Pressure

Blazing hot pavement and under-inflated tires are a recipe for disaster.  Though few drivers are aware of it, the truth is under-inflated tires and hot pavement have the potential to cause blowouts that prove quite costly to repair.  Even the best tires have the potential to lose a pound of air pressure in a month’s time so be sure to have the pressure checked and adjusted accordingly.

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