Involved in a Car Collision? You Don’t Have to go to the Collision Center Recommended by Your Insurer

There is a common misconception that the only option following an auto accident is to make a beeline to the collision center recommended by the auto insurance provider.  Though this course of action certainly seems sensible, it is only one of many different options.   Let’s take a closer look at the best approach to this important decision.

The Insurance Provider Does not Make Decisions on Your Behalf

Auto insurance providers typically request that drivers bring their damaged vehicle to an approved mechanic.  However, relying on the insurer’s choice of collision centers might backfire.  Even a reliance on the insurer’s network of approved body shops or mechanics has the potential to cause problems.  The bottom line is the mere fact that your auto insurer has established a business relationship with several preferred collision centers does not mean you are restricted to bringing your vehicle to those specific businesses.  It is certainly easier and cheaper for the insurance provider when you bring your vehicle to one of these approved collision centers yet the insurance company is more concerned with its bottom line than your happiness. 

Take Your Pick of Collision Centers

Even if your auto insurer strongly suggests taking your vehicle to a specific body shop, you are perfectly free to bring your ride to the collision center you prefer.  This decision is yours and yours alone.  Perform research, read reviews, ask for recommendations and do some additional digging into the backgrounds of local collision centers before selecting one for your repair project.  If the collision center selected by your insurer is not up to your standards, is too far away or has bad reviews, do not give them your business!  The last thing you need is a flawed repair job resulting from taking your vehicle to the collision center recommended by your auto insurer. 

Furthermore, it must be noted that the repair shops favored by auto insurers go out of their way to save that insurer as much money as possible when performing car repairs.  This relationship creates a clear conflict of interest.  It is quite possible the repair shop selected by your auto insurer will use inferior replacement parts and other materials when performing the repairs.

Visit the Shop In-person and Follow Your Instincts

There is no harm in visiting the collision center you have in mind for your repair project.  Visit the repair shop on your own, get a sense of the team’s professionalism, gauge the shop’s cleanliness and you will feel more/less confident moving forward with that specific group.  The collision center you select should be clean, well-organized, have modern equipment and a track record of success.  When in doubt, go with your gut.  Follow your instincts, choose a collision shop you are comfortable with and you will feel confident relying on the team for your automotive repairs.

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