Print This Collision Checklist and Keep It in Your Vehicle in Case of an Accident

An automobile collision has the potential to upend your life to the point that you are in considerable physical pain, cannot work and face a personal injury lawsuit.  You can do your part to facilitate as smooth of a transition as possible from the accident back to your normal life by following specific protocols.  Print the collision guide detailed below and keep a copy in your car as well as your wallet or purse for quick and easy access should you end up in an accident. 

Step 1: Stop and Remain Calm

Do not attempt to drive away from the accident site assuming you can escape potential punishment.   Even if your negligence contributed to the accident, there is still a chance you will receive a payout from your insurance provider.  Do your best to maintain a level head.  Pull over to the side of the road, turn on your emergency flashers and turn off your vehicle. 

Step 2: Be Civil When Collecting Information

Do not berate the other driver(s) for the collision.  Be kind and civil throughout the interaction.  Do not admit fault or state you are sorry.  Use your smartphone or pen and paper to write down the names, addresses, contact information, insurance information and vehicle information of those involved in the collision.

Step 3: Document the Collision

Take pictures of your vehicle with your smartphone.  Be sure to take some snapshots of the damage to other vehicles as well.  Even taking pictures of the intersection where the accident occurred has the potential to help your case.  If you have visible injuries, take pictures of them as well.  The more details of the accident that you document, the better your chances are of obtaining a large settlement or court award.

Step 4: Contact the Police and Your Insurance Provider

Now that you have documented the accident, reach out to the police.  The police will also document the accident scene and create a formal police report.  Reach out to your auto insurance provider while waiting for the police to arrive.

Step 5: Obtain Medical Attention

The injuries you suffer after your collision might not be visible or felt to their full degree until hours or even days after this unfortunate incident.  Meet with a doctor to document your specific injuries and you will have done your part to prove there is a legitimate causal relationship between the accident and your injuries, pain and suffering.  If you feel any additional pains arise after this initial appointment, schedule another appointment so your doctor can formally document those latent injuries as well.

Step 6: Entrust Only the Best to Repair Your Vehicle

You spent good money on your automobile.  There is no sense in letting anyone but the best perform the necessary repair.  Have our expert auto repair technicians repair the damage and it won’t be long until you are back on the road living life to the fullest once again.

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