Reasons Auto Body Paint Can Fade and How You Can Prevent It

Faded auto body paint can decrease the value of your car, cause it to look older and cause it to not look as good as you may like. Paint can also fade away until there is literally no paint left, which can lead to the body of your car rusting or corroding. While no one wants the paint on their car to fade, it can happen for a number of different reasons. Learning why paint fades and how you can help to protect your vehicle from it can help keep your car looking its best and prevent damage to your auto body. Here are a few of the reasons why auto body paint can fade and how you can prevent it. 


One of the reasons why paint on your car can fade is due to sunlight. The sun beating down on your car day in and day out can lead to the color becoming less vibrant and noticeable. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent the sun from beating down on your car if you have to drive in the middle of summer. But, you can take steps to minimize sun exposure to your vehicle, including parking your car in the shade, parking your car in the garage, or putting a cover over your car when it has to be parked under the sun’s intense rays. 

Bird Droppings

One of the lesser known reasons why paint on your vehicle may fade is due to bird droppings. Bird feces is acidic. It can actually eat away at the clear coat on your car, as well as the paint. This can lead to your paint fading or being removed in certain spots all together. One of the ways that you can minimize damage from bird droppings is to wash your car if you notice bird feces on your vehicle. If you park your car in an area where birds frequently leave their droppings behind on your car, you may want to find another place to park or invest in a car cover to protect your vehicle. 

Improper Car Washing

The final reason why auto paint may fade is due to improper car washing. Using cleaning products that are not designed for an automobile and/or using abrasive scrubbing pads can damage your car. Always use soft cloths or soft sponges to clean your car and use products designed specifically for automobiles. In addition to properly cleaning your car, consider coating it in a thin layer of wax for added shine and fade protection. 

Paint can fade due to sunlight, bird dropping, improper car washing or even simply due to age. If the paint on your car has faded, you will want to hire a professional autobody repair shop to repaint your vehicle and restore it to its former glory. Here at Certified Collision Center Auto Body, we can work to correct minor fading or repaint your entire car. Schedule an appointment with our autobody repair professionals at one of our locations in Galt, Lodi, Manteca, Modesto, Oakdale, Stockton, South Sacramento, or Tracy today. 

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