Reasons Why You May Want to Replace the Carpet in Your Car

Not everyone knows that you can replace the carpet in an automobile. Replacing the carpeting in an automobile is something that an autobody repair shop can help you with. Once the carpet for your vehicle has been ordered, installing it is a fairly easy and quick job. There are many reasons why the average person may want to consider replacing the carpet in their vehicle. Here are a few of those reasons. 

There Are Stains in the Carpet

One of the most common reasons why people want to replace the carpet in their car, truck, or SUV is because there are stains on the carpet that will not lift. Stains can negatively affect the value of your car and can make your car look dirty. Using floor mats can help minimize the chances of stains developing in the carpet, but staining can still occur. If you have stubborn stains on your carpet that just will not lift, replacing the carpet may be needed. 

The Car Was Involved in a Flood

Another reason why you may need to replace the carpet in an automobile is because the car was involved in a flood. Mold can begin to form in carpets within 24 hours. It is usually not possible to salvage carpets in cars after they have been soaked because there is a high risk that mold or mildew can begin to grow. Sitting in a car with mold can cause the same health hazards as living in a home with mold. Replacing the carpets helps to keep you and your passengers healthy. 

There Are Smells You Cannot Get Out of the Carpet

Removing stains from car carpet and upholstery is not always possible. You can use cleaning products and air freshening products, but sometimes a foul odor remains. If this is the case, replacing the carpet or upholstery that smells may be the only way to completely remove the odor. A professional can determine where the bad odor in your car is coming from and then help replace either the carpet or upholstery. 

The Carpet is Ripping

The final common reason why you may wish to replace the carpet in your car is because the carpet is starting to rip, tear or unravel. If your household carpet starts to unravel or tear, carpet repair may be performed to help salvage the carpet. Unfortunately, this is not something that is done with automotive carpeting. Replacing them is the only way to solve the issue of ripping, tearing, or unraveling the carpet. 

Replacing the carpet in your car can help you to maximize the value of your car, ensure your car looks its best, and ensure your car does not smell funky. If you are looking to replace the carpet inside of your vehicle, Certified Collision Center, an autobody repair center, can help you. Call one of our eight Central Valley locations today to get an estimate or to schedule an appointment. 

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