Reasons Why You Should Never Attempt Auto Body Repair Yourself

If you backed up into a pole or you were involved in a minor bender, you may have small dings or dents on your car. It is not uncommon to not want to bring your car to an auto body repair shop for what you view as minor damage, as you may be worried about the repair costs, may not want to report the accident to your insurance company, or may not want auto body repairs to show up on accident reports, such as CarFax. While it may be tempting to try to repair the damage yourself, you should never attempt to do so. Here are a few of the reasons why. 

The Damage May Not Be as Minor As You Think

One of the primary reasons why you should never consider attempting auto body repair yourself is because the damage may not be as minor as you think. Even minor dings and dents can damage the frame of your car’s body. If the frame is bent, your car may not drive in a straight line and may pull to one side or another. Repairing the frame of a vehicle is important, as it affects the way your vehicle operates and its resale value. An autobody shop can examine the damage, determine how extensive it is, and what repairs your car needs. 

You Do Not Have the Right Tools to Repair the Damage

Another reason why you should never attempt auto body repairs yourself is because you likely do not have the right tools to repair the damage. While you can buy some auto body repair tools at auto repair shops, they are not the same quality that auto body shops use. They are low quality and are not capable of performing the same level of work. Unless you have worked in an auto body repair shop in the past or have invested in professional auto body repair tools, you do not have the same tools, which may mean you will not get the same results as a professional. 

You Can Make the Damage More Noticeable

The final reason why you should never attempt auto body repairs yourself is because you can cause more damage or make the damaged area more noticeable if you do not know what you are doing. Not sanding down fillers or pulling a dent too far outward can be noticeable on an automobile. This can affect the overall look of your car and negatively affect your car’s resale value. A professional can blend the repairs in, so they are not noticeable. 

If your vehicle has sustained damage, you should always bring your vehicle to an autobody repair shop. When you need a repair shop, turn to Certified Collision Center Auto Body. Call us today to schedule your appointment and let us make your car good as new. 

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