Reasons You Should Take Your Car to An Auto Body Shop For Minor Fender Benders

Following a minor fender bender, you may be hesitant to file an insurance claim and have the damage to your vehicle repaired. You may be worried about your insurance rate increasing or you may think that it is not necessary since the damage looks minor. While damage may look minor, it is always recommended that you bring your car to an auto body repair shop, even for minor fender benders. Here are a few of the reasons why. 

Damage Can Be More Extensive Than You Realize

One of the major reasons why you should take your car to an auto body shop following a major fender bender is because damage can be more extensive than your realize. Most vehicles have foam being your fender and your bumper. The foam is designed to take the brunt of the impact from the accident and minimize the impact that people in the car feel. While your car may have minor dings, dents or scratches, the foam behind the bumper or fender can be indented or damaged. If you are ever involved in an accident again and the foam is not replaced, the impact to the people in your car can be more severe without the full amount of foam needed to help soften the blow. 

Minor Damage Can Have Major Repair Costs

Another reason why you should bring your car to an auto body shop for what appears to be minor damage is because minor damage can have major repair costs. Depending on where the damage is, you may need a bumper replaced, as well as panels on either side of the panel. You may also need paint repairs. Small scratches and dings and dents are not always inexpensive to fix. You have insurance for a reason, so while you may be wary about filing a claim, it is better to have it done now than to find out down the road the full cost of having the damage repaired out of your own pocket. 

Minor Dings and Dents Can Affect the Resale Value of Your Automobile

The final reason why you should take your car to an auto body shop after a minor fender bender is because minor benders fenders can impact the resale value of your automobile in a major way. Both dealerships and private parties will pay less for a car with obvious auto body damage. Having the damage repaired helps you to maximize the amount of money you can get for your vehicle.

When you need auto body repair throughout the Central Valley, Certified Collision Center Auto Body is here for you. We will carefully inspect your vehicle following both minor and major collisions, looking for all signs of damage and repairing said damage. This helps to ensure that your vehicle not only looks great and retains its value, but ensures that your vehicle is safe to operate as well. Call us now to book an appointment to bring your vehicle to us. 

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