Signs a Bumper Needs to Be Replaced Rather Than Needing to Be Repaired

If someone’s car runs right into the back of yours, you know you will need to take your vehicle to an autobody repair shop. One of the questions you may find yourself wondering is whether the bumper will be replaced or whether the dents in the bumper will simply be removed. There are a few different factors that an autobody shop will look at in regards to your bumper to determine if it should be repaired or replaced. Here are those factors. 

There Are Cracks in the Bumper

One of the signs that a bumper needs to be replaced, rather than simply needing to have dents removed, is cracks in the bumper. Car bumpers are typically made from plastic or fiberglass. Once either of those materials cracks, there is not a reliable way to repair them. The cracking can continue to spread as your car goes down bumpy roads and it can allow water to seep in through the crack, possibly leading to rust damage. Replacing the bumper is a must if there are cracks or holes present. 

The Hooks on the Bumper Are Broken or Damaged

Another sign that a bumper should be replaced rather than repaired is damage to the hooks that hold the bumper into place. Bumpers use a hook and latch system that helps to keep the bumper in place on your vehicle. The impact of a collision can bend, break or weaken those hooks. If those hooks are damaged, the bumper may not stay in place properly as it should, so replacing the bumper is the best option in that scenario. 

There Are Multiple Dents and/or Deep Scratches

The final sign that a bumper may need to be replaced rather than repaired is that there are multiple dents and/or deep scratches. Removing dents and scratches from a bumper takes time. Dents may need to be pulled out or they may need to be filled in. Deep scratches need to be filled in and then sanded down. The areas affected then need touch-up paint to ensure they match the rest of the bumper. All of this takes time and labor. In many cases, if there are multiple dents or deep scratches, it makes sense from a financial point of view to replace the bumper, rather than spend the money on labor and materials to fix the damage. 

Here at Certified Collision Center, we can help you with everything from minor scratch and dent removal to major autobody repairs, including bumper replacement. If your vehicle has been in an accident, we would love to help. We have eight locations throughout the Central Valley and Northern California regions. Reach out to the location nearest you to begin the process of getting your car back to its pre-accident state. 

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