Signs Your Tire Rod Was Damaged in a Car Accident

When you are involved in an automobile accident, most people think that you only sustain damages to the body of your automobile. However, there are parts in your car that can be damaged as well. If someone sideswipes you and hits your around the tire area of your automobile, the tire rod may be bent or broken in the accident. Here are a few of the most common signs that your tire rod was indeed damaged in an automobile accident. 

Your Alignment Is Off

One of the most common signs that your tire rod was damaged in a car accident is having alignment that is off. If you are not sure if your alignment is off, take your hands off the steering wheel while you are driving on a straight path. If the car pulls to the left or right, your alignment is off. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why your alignment may be off, so this alone is not a solid indicator of tire rod damage. However, if your alignment is off after an accident, you should have it checked out to find out why, as it may be the tire rod or other part. 

Your Steering Wheel Shakes When You Drive It

Another sign that your tire rod was damaged in a car accident is that your steering wheel shakes, wiggles, or even feels loose when you drive it. These signs are all common with suspension issues and tire rod damage, which may be big problems following a car accident. If you are driving down the road and it feels like your steering wheel is shaking, and the motion only seems to get stronger the fast you drive, you need to have your car inspected for tire rod or other suspension-related issues. 

You Hear Abnormal Sounds

The final sign that may be present if there was tire rod damage is abnormal sounds. If your tire rod was damaged in a car accident, you may hear a number of different sounds, depending on where the damage is and what type of damage was sustained. If your tire rod is cracked or broken, you may hear the sound of metal grinding together as the cracks or break rub against each other. If the tire rod is bent, you may hear squealing or squeaking, especially as you turn your car. Some people may also hear grinding, if the tire rod is pushed to one side and rubbing against something it should not. If you hear any abnormal noises that sound like they are coming from under your car or the wheel well area, you should get your car inspected. 

If you suspect your tire rod was damaged in a car accident, an auto body repair shop can help to fix that damage, as well as any auto body damage that you sustained. When you need auto body repair in the greater Northern California or Central Valley area, call Certified Collision Center Auto Body to get started on your repairs today. 

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