Strategies to Protect Your New Car Against Dings

The last thing you want is for your brand new car to end up with a ding.  However, there is a chance exactly that will occur the moment you drive the vehicle off the lot.  From hail to wayward shopping carts, auto collisions and beyond, there are countless causes of dings.  Even the most careful of drivers has the potential to end up with a nasty ding that looks terrible and immediately reduces the vehicle’s value.  However, our autobody repair specialists are here to help.  Here’s a quick look at what you can do to prevent those pesky dings on your new car.

Open Your Door Slowly

Even if you are in a rush, you should be mindful to open your door in a slow and gradual manner.  Remain in full control of your door as you open it and you will be able to quickly pull it back inward should you spot something near your vehicle. 

Between shopping carts, other vehicles, posts, poles, gas pumps and pedestrians, all sorts of things can get in the way of your door as you open it.  Go slowly, be aware of your surroundings and you will have done your part to avoid a completely preventable door ding.

Park far Away From Other Vehicles

Though it is certainly inconvenient to walk several minutes to reach a store’s doors or the entrance of another destination, it is in your interest to do so.  Parking far away from other vehicles greatly reduces the chances of a ding.  Furthermore, most of us can benefit from a lengthy walk as the average lives a sedentary life with excessive sitting in front of computer, TV and gaming screens.

Teach Your Kids to be Careful

You can do everything in your own power to prevent dings and have all of your hard work ruined by your child, tween or teen.  Make it perfectly clear your vehicle is of the utmost importance.  Teach your kids to play far away from your car.  Kids who are aware of the objects in their vicinity will maintain a safe distance from vehicles when playing outside.  Furthermore, kids who understand the importance of protecting automobile doors will exercise caution when opening car doors in parking lots.

Covered Parking

If the weather looks like it is about to turn or if the forecast calls for storms, do not park in an open air setting.  Park in a garage or beneath a roof and your vehicle will be shielded from hail, sleet and other potentially harmful precipitation. 

However, some homes lack garages.  If this is the case at your property, consider adding a high-quality vehicle cover to your automobile.  Some such covers are capable of absorbing the impact of upwards of 10 baseball-sized hail stones.

Certified Collision Center is at Your Service

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