The Benefits of Computerized Color Matching Technology For Your Automobile

At Certified Collision Center, we utilize state of the art technology to ensure your auto body repairs are completed as precisely as possible. One of the types of technology that we utilize is computerized color matching technology. This type of technology allows a computer to determine the exact color of your vehicle, and then mix paint up so that it will perfectly blend in when applied to the repaired portion of your car. Read on to learn why this is important and beneficial. 

Manufacturers Don’t Release Their Paints to Auto Repair Shops

One of the reasons why computerized color matching technology is beneficial if you are having auto body repair work done is because it helps to ensure that the paint color matches the paint on your car. Most people assume that matching paint is an easy process. But, what you may not realize is that manufacturers do not typically release their paints to auto body repair shops. As such, matching the specific type of paint and color that the manufacturer has on your car is a lot more challenging than you may realize. Computerize color matching technology helps to determine the exact color makeup of the paint on your automobile and match it completely. 

Paint Colors Change Over Time

Another reason why computerized color matching technology is so beneficial when a technician is looking to paint a repaired area on your car is because paint colors change over time. Two people can have the exact same automobile, down to the initial color. However, over time, one person’s car may be darker or richer in color based on the car care products they used or because they parked their car in the garage, while another person’s paint may have faded due to the weather where they live or how much sun exposure their car has gotten. Computerized color matching technology takes into account the exact color of your car at the time you bring it in for repair, helping to ensure that the paint matches the exact color of your car. You do not want the repaired portion of your car to stand out, and color matching technology helps to prevent that. 

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