The Top 5 Auto Repair Myths You Should Know

It is a mistake to believe everything you hear about autobody repair unless the individual doing the talking is an experienced autobody repair specialist.  Though you might have heard something interesting about autobody repair in passing or overheard someone discussing autobody repair, there is no guarantee the information is actually accurate.  Below, we provide a quick look at some of the top auto repair myths.

DIY Auto Repairs are Just as Good as Mechanic Repairs

Even if you have performed auto repairs on your own, it is a mistake to assume you can repair every car component exactly right on the first try.  The sad truth is plenty of DIY auto repairs end up taking up much more time than anticipated and also prove that much more expensive.  Do the smart thing by taking your vehicle to an autobody repair shop so it can be repaired the right way.

If a Certain Part is Failing, You Will Know

If the part is bad, it is not an indication that it will set the fault code.  There are plenty of processes in place, meaning figuring out exactly what has gone wrong might not be easy.  It might appear that one part is at fault when a different part is actually the underlying issue.

Car Warranties are Voided When Relying on an Independent Mechanic

Your car’s warranty will remain fully valid even if you bring it to an independent mechanic for work.  There are laws on the books that legally protect car owners if they have their vehicle repaired at an independent mechanic.  So don’t worry about voiding your vehicle’s warranty for simply taking it to an independent auto repair specialist.

Reading the Check Engine Light Fault Code is all That is Necessary

Do not believe people who insist reading the check engine light fault code is all that is necessary.  Reading the check engine light code is only one piece of the puzzle.  The code states where the vehicle has failed yet it does not state why the failure occurred.  Replacing the part in question is insufficient.  You still need to determine why the light came on in the first place with a professional diagnostic.  Let the experts handle your check engine light and you will ultimately save that much more money and time.

Over-the-counter Parts are Perfectly Fine

Though some car parts available over the counter are helpful during emergencies, they also have the potential to damage the vehicle.  This is precisely why it is better to perform a lasting repair rather than merely use a temporary solution.  When in doubt, lean on our experienced auto repair specialists for guidance as to whether an over-the-counter part will suffice.

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