The Top Collision Repair Myths

Collision repair is shrouded in mystery, half-truths and even bald-faced lies.  If you are uncertain what to believe about autobody repair, don’t feel bad.  Our team is here to separate fact from fiction on your behalf.  Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the top collision repair myths.

Myth #1: It is Best to Take the Vehicle to the Dealership for Repairs

Though the dealership might have the personnel and tools necessary to perform some autobody repairs, it is better to lean on a proven autobody repair shop to get the job done right on the first try.  The bottom line is car dealerships do not specialize in autobody repair.  Furthermore, repairs performed at dealerships tend to cost an egregious sum of money.  Instead of going to the dealership for repairs, let our team work on your vehicle and you will rest easy knowing the job is done right at an affordable rate.

Myth #2: Numerous Estimates are Necessary Before the Insurance Company Will Pay

A single estimate is almost always enough.  Though obtaining several estimates has the potential to save you some money, your insurance provider probably won’t require more than one in order to provide compensation.  In fact, the insurer will conduct its own estimate after you select the autobody repair shop.

Myth #3: You can Only use an Autobody Repair Shop Recommended by the Insurance Company

Though the insurance provider might suggest one or several autobody repair shops, they cannot legally mandate that you use a certain repair shop.  You have the legal right to select the autobody repair shop for the repair.

Myth #4: The Insurance Company Will Recover the Entirety of the Cost to Repair Your Vehicle

The insurance company might not cover the full cost of the repair.  There is a good chance the insurer will cover a portion of the repair.  The specific level of reimbursement is determined by your unique auto insurance policy.  If your auto insurance policy has collision coverage, take a close look at it to determine the nuances of your particular policy’s coverage.

Myth #5: The Insurance Provider’s Estimate is Guaranteed to be 100% Accurate

There is no guarantee the insurance company’s estimate is completely correct.  Furthermore, there is also a chance the insurer will provide more money than indicated in the initial estimate.  It is quite possible the insurer will end up negotiating the price of the repair with the autobody repair shop.  The overarching aim is an affordable and effective repair that proves safe.  The bottom line is the insurance company will have to pay in accordance with the language of your unique auto insurance policy.

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