Three Problems Caused By Front End Collisions

Front end collisions can be some of the most damaging and costly type of collisions. There are a number of key components located in the front of your car that can be damaged if you rear end someone or get in a head on collision. If you have been involved in a front end collision, you may be wondering what types of damage may have occurred. Here are three of the most common types of problems that can occur with a front end collision. 

Body and Frame Damage

One of the most common issues that occurs with front end collisions is body and frame damage. This can range to a few minor scratches on the vehicle to dings or dents on the bumper to major frame damage. Typically, the speed at which you are traveling and the size of the item you hit affect how minor or substantial the damage is. It is also important to note that body and frame damage can be tricky to determine. Most newer vehicles have foam or material that helps to absorb the impact caused during a collision. As such, damage may appear to be minor just by looking at the vehicle, but once a professional takes off the front bumper, there may be substantial damage to the foam or impact-absorbing material. 

Damage to the Steering and Driving Systems

Another type of damage that is common with front end collisions is damage to the steering system and/or damage to the driving systems. Your vehicle is made up of many different drive and steering components that help your car to drive straight or turn as you move the steering wheel, including CV axles, transaxle and drive shaft. The impact from an automobile accident can bend or damage any of these items. When that occurs, your car may pull to one side or may not drive in a straight line. The parts typically cannot be straightened once they are bent, so replacing them is a must. 

Potential Engine and Transmission Damage

The final type of problems that can be caused by front end collisions include potential engine or transmission damage. The impact of a front end collision can be so severe that it pushes the front end of your car backwards, causing damage to these major components in your car. Both transmission and engine damage are costly but necessary to repair if damage has occurred. 

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you are legally allowed to bring your vehicle to any autobody repair shop of your choosing. Here at Certified Collision Center Auto Body, we can repair everything from minor auto body damage to major damage caused by a front end collision. We have multiple locations throughout the Central Valley, including Tracy, Manteca, Stockton, Oakdale, Modesto, South Sacramento, Lodi and Galt, that are ready and able to assist you. Bring your vehicle to our shop for an estimate or to have your automobile repaired after an accident. 

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