Three Things That Can Damage Your Car’s Paint

The most common reasons why the paint on your car may be damaged include a key scratching your car, a shopping cart scrapping your car or damage caused by an automobile accident. However, these are not the only items that can damage the paint or finish on your car. There are many other items that you encounter often that can cause your paint to fade, can eat away at the finish and paint or can cause the paint to flake or chip off. Here are three items that can damage your car’s paint. 

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings can be acidic. The acid nature of the feces can eat through the finish on your car and damage the paint. It can cause paint to fade or it can eat through the paint, causing it to chip or peel. It is advised that you avoid parking under trees where birds may be present to prevent this issue. If you cannot avoid parking under a tree, try to use a car cover to protect your car. Washing your car often to remove any feces and using a wax can both help to decrease paint damage due to bird droppings. 

Brake Fluid and Gas

Another thing that can damage your car’s paint are some of the fluids used in your car, such as brake fluid and gas. If you spill brake fluid on your fender when adding more brake fluid to your vehicle, or if gas overflows your gas tank and spills on your side panel as you pump gas into your car, you should immediately use a water-dampened soft cloth to remove the residue. This helps to prevent these fluids from sitting on the paint of your car, which can help to prevent them from damaging the paint of your car. 

Abrasive Cleaners and Brushes

The final item that can cause significant damage to your car’s paint are abrasive cleaners and brushes. It is recommended that you use cleaners formulated for the body of your automobile, rather than using household cleaners on your car. Some soaps, especially those that contain bleach or are acidic in nature, can damage the paint on your car. In addition to the soaps themselves, pay attention to the items that you are using to scrub your car. Brushes, stainless steel scrubbing pads or scouring pads can help to remove tough items that are caked onto your vehicle, such as dead bugs. But, they can also scrape, scratch or chip your paint. Use soft sponges and rags when cleaning your car to avoid paint damage. 

Knowing what items can damage your paint can help you to take action to prevent some types of damage. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent every item from damaging your paint. If your car’s paint is damaged, an autobody repair shop can help to repair the damaged paint and use a finish to decrease the chances of damage in the future. Contact Certified Collision Center Auto Body to learn more about our automobile paint services. 

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