Tips to Protect Your Vehicle Against Parking Lot Dings

Parking lot dings are a fact of life.  However, you have the power to minimize the number of automotive dings in these crowded spaces by being proactive.  Strategically approach parking your vehicle in parking lots and other busy areas and you just might go a decade or even longer without a single ding.  Here’s how to do it.

1. Park far Away From the Entrance

If you are like most people, you don’t get enough exercise.  Life is hectic, time is limited and exercise requires a considerable amount of energy.  You can kill two birds with one stone by parking far away from other vehicles in parking lots.  Park your vehicle in a relatively open space within the parking lot, far from vehicles and shopping carts.  This considerable distance away from the store or other venue provides an opportunity to walk to the store entrance.  Walk quickly or even jog your way to the entrance and you will get some exercise while minimizing the chances of a vehicle ding.

2. Be Careful When Pulling in and Out

Entering and exiting the parking lot has the potential to be somewhat challenging simply because there are plenty of vehicles moving in and out of these relatively cramped entranceways/exits.  Exercise caution when pulling in and out of all parking lots, reduce your speed and try to park far away from other vehicles to make exiting that much easier.

3. Provide Other Vehicles With Ample Space

Leave enough room in front of and around your vehicle for other drivers to maneuver in/out of their respective parking spaces and they won’t be nearly as likely to bump into your vehicle.  So be mindful of parking space lines.  Double-check to ensure you are within the lines and those around you will have enough room to avoid dinging your car.

4. Park Away From Shopping Cart Corrals

It is a mistake to park anywhere near shopping cart corrals.  Cart retrievers are lowly paid, overworked and might not actually care whether one or several carts ding your vehicle.  Furthermore, some shoppers refuse to put their carts all the way into the corral, meaning there is a chance a strong gust of wind will blow one or several carts toward your nearby vehicle.

5. Carefully Open Your Door

Even if you park within the designated parking spot lines, you might not have much space to open your door, especially if the vehicle adjacent to your door is a large sport utility vehicle.  Add in the fact that a strong gust of wind can cause your door to slam into the vehicle next to yours and there is even more reason to hold on tight when opening your door.  Slow down, take your time, be mindful and keep a tight grip on your door as you depart your vehicle.

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