What Is a Post-Repair Inspection and When Should You Ask For One?

After your car is repaired by an autobody repair shop, the shop itself typically conducts an inspection. During this inspection, a mechanic looks over your vehicle and ensures everything that was marked as damaged when the car was brought in is properly repaired. Unfortunately, though, mistakes can occur, and you may get your car back to you with a flaw or imperfection. If this occurs, you will want to bring your vehicle back for a post-repair inspection and point out your concerns. Here is more information about what a post-repair inspection is and when you should ask for one. 

What is a Post-Repair Inspection? 

A post-repair inspection is an inspection that is done after autobody work has been completed. If a consumer sees or notices signs that work was not done correctly, they can request that the auto body shop complete a post-repair inspection. The consumer will point out their concerns to the auto body shop and the auto body shop will check their work. Typically, a post-repair inspection is completed by the shop that completed the work, but, in some cases, you may need a third-party assessment. If you suspect your car was not repaired correctly and the autobody shop you used for repairs disagrees, a third-party shop can complete an inspection. 

When Should You Ask For a Post-Repair Inspection? 

If you notice that the paint on your car doesn’t match, that the paint is starting to flake, that a ding or dent is still noticeable or that your car does not drive as it should after bringing your car in for auto body repairs, you may need to have a post-repair inspection completed. It is important to note that an autobody repair shop is tasked with getting your car back to pre-accident status. They do not have to make your car brand new, only in the same condition it was prior to an accident. If you feel your car is worse now than it was prior to an accident, you may benefit from a post-repair inspection. 

Will the Insurance Company Cover a Post-Repair Inspection? 

Unfortunately, your insurance company typically will not cover a post-repair inspection. However, most reputable autobody shops will offer a free post-repair inspection if you have concerns about the work you completed. Additionally, if you bring your car to a third-party repair shop, and they find problems that the original autobody repair shop missed, your insurance company may reimburse you for the cost of the post-repair inspection. 

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