What to Expect from Your Autobody Repair Specialist?

Every car owner needs their vehicle to be in good operating condition. While there is overlap between an autobody repair specialist and your auto mechanic, an autobody repair specialist is focused on the visual aspects of a vehicle.

Many cars coming into an autobody repair shop have had exterior damage. The extent of the damage can range from mild to severe and can require a combination of techniques to properly restore the vehicle. Your autobody repair specialist has a number of responsibilities when addressing the aesthetic and structural issues that often result from an automobile accident or neglect. Understand more about what your autobody repair specialist offers you.

The Nuts and Bolts

Your autobody repair technician goes through a rigorous process with your vehicle at our autobody repair shop. In many instances, body panels need attention, the vehicle is realigned, and the bodywork is refinished. Restoration of your car’s appearance often involves filler and a fresh coat of paint. Autobody repair can be done not only on modern vehicles but classic models. The same level of attention to detail is provided to any vehicle brought into our autobody repair shop.

Not Just Cosmetic

While the look of your vehicle is a priority with an autobody repair specialist, they do possess an understanding of mechanical issues that often arise from a collision. With our autobody repair specialist, the internals are checked and examined to determine the extent of any damage. However, such specialists excel in the repair and restoration of the external structure and framework of your car. After determining the type of work required, our specialists will take the time needed to complete all autobody repairs and ensure everything that has been done meets factory standards. Your vehicle will then have the structural integrity for proper operation. Our autobody repair specialist may need to work with an auto mechanic in situations when the internals of a car also need to be repaired.

Different Tools for Different Jobs

Since your car will need special attention that may be different than what you get from your average mechanic, you may see a change to the typical environment in which an autobody repair specialist operates. An autobody repair shop is set up to offer extensive painting facilities. The tools used will be intended for filling damaged areas and hammering out dents. Protective equipment and specialized spray painters are generally seen at an autobody repair shop. If an auto mechanic needs to work on your car, you may see tools and resources necessary for their level of expertise.

You can depend on our autobody repair specialists at Certified Collision Center Auto Body. Our experienced staff can address a multitude of body, frame, and structural issues, getting your vehicle back into shape at our autobody repair shop and you back on the road. Experience the attention you deserve at any of our convenient Central Valley locations, including Tracy, Manteca, Stockton, Oakdale, Modesto, South Sacramento, Lodi and Galt. Call to schedule your appointment at Certified Collision Center Auto Body today.

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